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Sunday, May 28, 2023


Regional Mobile Force Battalion 12 – 3 CPP-NPA Terrorist surrendered to the arms of the government during the combined PNP and AFPoperations at Sitio Datal Ligaw, Brgy Tasiman, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato this noon.

Joint elements of RMFB 12, RIU 12, IG, RID 12, PIB, SCPPO, NICA 12, 27IB, 1002nd Bde and Lake Sebu MPS  successfully convince the 3 members of Platoon West, GF MUSA, FSMR to surrender during the simultaneous Internal Security Operation at mountainous areas of Sitio Datal Ligaw, Brgy Tasiman, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.

The rebel returnees are identified as follows:

1.         Timuwok Adam @ Longhair/Wok

2.         Complie Sawang @ Blata

3.         Jesie Lambong @ Munsor/Proting

Surrendered persons also turned-over the following:

1.         One (1) Unit M14 Rifle deface SN

2.         One (1) Magazine for M12 with six (6) live ammo

3.         One (1) Homemade KG 9 Cal. 9mm SMG

4.         One (1) Magazine for KG 9 with 11 live ammo

The surrendered persons were brought to RIU 12 Office, Camp Fermin G Lira, GSC for debriefing, documentation and proper disposition.

The said persons decided to surrender due to extreme anxiety and psychological pressure as a result of all out-combat operations launched by aforesaid operating units.

PLTCOL BARNEY P CONDES, Force Commander, Regional Mobile Force Battalion 12 said “The surrendered persons of Guerilla Front MUSA, FSMR, it means that the PNP is very serious in the campaign of CTG’s. The red area and white area operations were intensified….The support of our community in our call to end local communist armed conflict is very commendable which leads to the surrender of another three (3) members of NPA Communist Terrorist Group in our area”, says PLTCOL BARNEY CONDES, Force Commander, Regional Mobile Force Battalion (RMFB 12).

In progress, the Regional Mobile Force Battalion 12 is conducting White Area Operation Training (WAOT) to equip the personnel to counter the deceptive tactics of this CTG’s to stop deceiving local folks. This is just a continuation of our efforts to convince them to admit themselves to the government to avail the benefits and enjoy living in a democratic and peaceful life. We will continue to conduct operation on red area likewise in white area. I encourage the local government to support the PNP or AFP but this is a whole of nation approach to End the Local Communist Armed Conflict.”

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