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584 New Police Officers Rise to Permanent Status Entrusted with PNP Badge

Police Regional Office 12 – 584 Patrolmen and Patrolwomen of Public Safety Field Training Program (PSFTP) Class 2019 “SALAKNIB” were appointed to permanent status as they took their oath to the PNP Badge during their Graduation Day Wednesday of October 16, 2019 at PRO 12 Headquarters, Tambler, General Santos City.

            Said Freshmen Police underwent Six (6) Months of three-pronged Field Training Program consisting of Traffic Phase, Investigation Phase and Patrolling Phase.

            Prior to the field training, they have also undertaken their Six (6) Months Public Safety Basic Recruit Course at Regional Training Center 12, Camp Geregorio H. Daproza, Lanton, Apopong, General Santos City.

On the ceremony, efficiency award was awarded to Patrolwoman Christine Joy A Capalar from Sultan Kudarat as she rose on top and above the 584 graduates in both Academic and Non Academic activities in Public Safety Field Training Program with an average rating of 93.52.

            Second to Capallar is Pat. Christopher B Mamaclay with average of 93.40 and third is Pat. Marc B. Dadulo with an average of 93.13

Moreover, graduates who have garnered highest rating in comprehensive exam were awarded with Certificate of Excellence as follows:

1 – Pat Rosel D Beltran – 91%

2 – Pat Christopher B Mamaclay, 90%

     Pat Christian Roy M Tado 90%

     Pat Rose Ann H Rizallosa 90%

3 – Pat Donna Claire L Capulong 89 %

     Pat Jessie S Ricahuerta 89 %

     Pat Tonie Anne Coleen P Dela Cruz 89 %

     Pat Raylyn M Farofaldane 89%

They will now be put under the administrative control of the Regional Learning and Doctrine Development Division 12 (RLDDD12) while waiting for the commencement of their mandatory training, Basic Internal Security Operation Course (BISOC).

This day serves a momentous moment in their police service career having their proud parents and love ones placed their badge on their chest proving their worth after a year of basic training.

            “Entering in the police Service is not as easy as it looks, you have to make series of decision, if you decided to enter in PNP organization you have to consider all the possibilities that could happen most specially losing your rights as a civilian like for example your time because the moment you took your oath no one owns you but the government so you have to offer your life for the organization” Pat. Christine Joy A Capalar’s advice on people who wanted to enter the PNP organization

PBGEN ALFRED SOTTO CORPUS, RD, PRO 12 in his message lauded the newly installed patrolmen and patrolwomen. He also advised them to abide and stick with the rules and regulations of the PNP and to never sully their uniform but instead prove that PRO 12 personnel are more than worthy for the PNP Badge.

“You will now be a full pledged patrolman and patrolwoman wearing your rank and badge, so you must give prestige to it, hindi kayo patrolman o patrolwoman LANG kundi patrolman and patrolwoman NA kayo.

You surpassed the challenge of becoming a full pledged police officer, the next challenge is how to make people see that we are greater and beyond our badge. Thus, you should not limit yourselves from what you have now always think outside the box, explore and innovate and be the best police officer the organization will be proud of.” said RD CORPUS.