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Attacks vs. President Duterte tied to 2022 polls -Cusi

Energy chief and PDP Laban president Alfonso Cusi yesterday said the increasing attacks launched against President Rodrigo Duterte by the opposition were desperate attempts to thwart their looming defeat in the 2022 polls.

Cusi noted that, unlike his predecessors, President Duterte enjoys unprecedented trust and support of the Filipino people even up to the last year of his term.

Last 8 September 2021, President Duterte formally accepted the endorsement of PDP Laban to run as the party’s candidate for Vice President in next year’s national elections.

“Why do critics abound? It is because the 2022 national elections are only a few months away and President Duterte by far still commands very high trust and satisfaction ratings,” said Cusi.

In the first quarter poll conducted by a private research company, President Duterte registered an overall approval rating of 65 percent and a trust rating of 55 percent, leading the top five other government officials with high ratings.

A survey conducted by Pulse Asia from June 7-16, 2021 showed President Duterte emerging as the leading choice for Vice President with 18 percent of the respondents picking him from among the list of other possible candidates even if he has yet to announce his intention to run for the post.

“This is why the opposition keeps on bringing up issues even without concrete evidence. They have to make the people hate this administration for them to have a chance at victory,” he added.

The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee has been holding a series of hearings purportedly to investigate the alleged mishandling of pandemic funds. Its chairman, Sen. Richard Gordon who also heads the Philippine Red Cross has earlier admitted he is considering a bid for the presidency in the 2022 polls.

Recently, Red Cross also hugged the headlines for its alleged “overpricing” of Covid-19 tests by almost PHP2,000 each and its “refusal” to honor discounts for senior citizens and PWDs as mandated by law.

Several other senators who are openly criticizing the administration have either publicly announced their 2022 presidential ambitions or are reportedly mulling of joining the race too, while the rest are identified with the previous administration.

Cusi said that Philippine political history is replete with cases of credible people being destroyed because of politics, made even worse because the prevailing political system is based on personalities and not on principles.

In contrast, Cusi stressed that PDP Laban advocates continuity, not of personalities, but of programs, governance, and leadership, started by President Duterte.

“President Duterte stands for principled leadership. His advocacy against drugs, criminality, terrorism, corruption, and poverty has resulted in positive changes and reforms. The people felt it, saw it, knew it. No matter what the critics say, President Duterte’s advocacies resulted in positive gains,” Cusi pointed out.

He warned that as long as “we tolerate personality-based politics, our country would not achieve the success and progress that we all deserve”.

Continuity is key

Cusi said PDP Laban chose President Duterte as the party’s vice-presidential candidate to ensure continuity of his administration’s program, particularly amid the unrelenting challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We need stability, we need a steady hand, we need to be resilient. President Duterte has delivered tangible results; President Duterte will continue to deliver tangible results,” Cusi said.

On the other hand, Cusi said PDP Laban chose Sen. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go as the party’s candidate for President not only because of his personal qualities that would qualify him as Chief Executive but also because he works well with President Duterte.

Cusi said Go is a capable leader who would be able to continue the programs of the current administration.

“A Go-Duterte tandem is the best tandem to ensure continuity of programs, governance, and leadership started by President Duterte,” Cusi concluded.