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Friday, May 14, 2021

BFAR to analyze Ozamiz waters’ red coloration

OZAMIZ CITY, Misamis Occidental (PIA)—Noting the red coloration of the waters in Ozamiz City, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Misamis Occidental, collected shellfish samples for submission to BFAR Central Office for Mouse Bio-assay analysis. 

So far, no fish kill or shellfish poisoning, or related cases were reported. And, as a follow-up monitoring, no discoloration of the area was observed, February 23. 

Consistent monitoring will be done by the bureau. As per report, fine and the intense warm weather condition was observed in Ozamiz City, which may trigger algal bloom as photosynthetic organisms. 

Based on the water samples analyzed, the presence of Gonyaulax, a genus of dinoflagellate algae was found. These red tide organisms inhabit marine, fresh and brackish water environments where growth/blooms were triggered by favorable environmental conditions such as soil/water fertility, temperature and etc.

As per research, several planktonic species are toxic and are sometimes abundant enough to color water and cause the phenomenon called red tide, which may kill fish and other animals. A human may be poisoned by eating mussels or other shellfish that have infested large quantities of Gonyaulax catenella.

However, for this occurrence, species of this genus was for further identification. Likewise, for precautionary measures, BFAR Misamis Occidental is coordinating the City Government of Ozamiz for prohibiting the gathering, selling, and eating of shellfish in the area. (BFAR MisOcc/PIA Misamis Occidental)

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