Home News Camiguin intensifies precautionary measures amid COVID-19

Camiguin intensifies precautionary measures amid COVID-19

Camiguin intensifies precautionary measures amid COVID-19

CAMIGUIN (PIA)–As President Rodrigo Duterte declared a State of Public Health Emergency throughout the country, Provincial GovernorJurdin Jesus Romualdo steps up precautionary measures for the prevention,control, and monitoring of COVID-19 in Camiguin, March 13.

Under the Executive Order No. 11 series of 2020, temporary travel restriction has been imposed to non-Filipino citizens who are non-residents of Camiguin except those visiting foreign nationals in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic endorsed by the Department of Health (DOH) and the Departmentof Foreign Affairs (DFA), spouse and children of Filipino citizens who are residents of the island, and those non-Filipino citizens, their spouses and children who have permanent residency in the area.

All residents of Camiguin regardless of nationality who have travelled abroad for the last 90 days shall be considered as Persons Under Monitoring (PUM). Thus, they must undergo a self-imposed quarantine for 14 days and be monitored daily for the presence of symptoms related to COVID-19 infection. 

The self-imposed quarantine shall be lifted before the end of the 14-day period only after the conduct of confirmatory laboratory test showing negative results. 

Any PUM who violates the conditions shall be arrested and detained in a special designated quarantine facility unless sooner lifted after negative confirmatory testing. 

Moreover, every person entering the island shall automatically be deemed PUM if upon initial examination, displays symptoms related to the COVID-19 infection. 

They must disclose their travel history and other relevant details as well which may be asked to them at ports of entry. They should show personal and travel documents when required. However, any person who refuses to disclose intended information shall be denied entry into the province.

All data collected during disclosure are considered as privileged and shall be used only for official purposes. If used unauthorized,breach of public trust or criminal sanctions shall be imposed against the concerned person. 

Activities that draw huge number of attendees such asGraduation programs, sports leagues, social dances, beauty pageants, concerts,processions and parades, cock fights, convocations, and the like shall be cancelled or postponed. 

However, places of entertainment shall be open to the public from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM only provided that social distance protocol,availability of sanitation facilities, and proper cough and sneeze etiquette must be observed. 

Same precautions shall also apply to regularly conducted faith-based activities like masses, services, and prayer gatherings. 

Upon entry of offices, agencies, establishments and common carriers, visiting persons must sanitize their hands.

For the widest dissemination of the nature, prevention, and mitigation of the infection, the Provincial Health Office and the MunicipalHealth Offices are mandated to conduct the necessary information and educational campaigns, as well as the protocols involved therein dispelling fear and misinformation to the public. 

All local governments and barangays must strictly observe curfew hours against minors. Furthermore, they should prioritize all activities related to the prevention of COVID-19 infections and utilize all available funds to carry out objectives.

Through the proclamation ofState of Public Health Emergency throughout the country, this capacitates theLocal Government Units to immediately act, utilize appropriate resources,  and implement urgent and critical measures. (Marc Ian A. Salem/PIA10)


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