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Thursday, July 18, 2024

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27.2 C
Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Camiguin is now under preemptive community quarantine

CAMIGUIN (PIA)–As COVID-19 can be expected to spread rapidly throughout the province due to its small size and closely-knit population, the Provincial Government of Camiguin places the entire province under Preemptive Community Quarantine (PCQ) starting March 24 until April 12, 2020.

The order restricts entry of persons to Camiguin except drivers and loaders of cargo-carrying vehicles (provided that they observe appropriate social distancing measures and immediately depart upon), personnel of vessels operating to and from Camiguin, medical and health professionals and personnel, officials and employees of national government agencies assigned in the province, Camiguin residents who were patients in health facilities outside Camiguin (including their accompanying relatives provided that they have proof of admission to or treatment), officials and employees of provincial, municipal, and barangay governments on official travel, and other persons determined by the provincial governor.

All persons allowed to enter Camiguin are required to comply with all health or medical protocols before their allowed entry and shall undergo a mandatory self-quarantine.

Residents who wish to depart from Camiguin are allowed. However, they are required to sign a document acknowledging their understanding that they will no longer be allowed to enter the province once they leave for the duration of PCQ.

Tourists and visitors, including non-resident foreign nationals, are required to leave the province immediately.

The movement of all food, products, goods, items, commodities, supplies, and cargoes to, from, and within the province remains free, unhampered, and unimpeded.

For the implementation of social distancing measures, only establishments that  provide basic necessities and services, such as supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, sari-sari stores, distributors and wholesalers of food and beverage products, pharmacies, water refilling stations, farms, agricultural and veterinary supply stores, medical and veterinary clinics, hardware and supply stores, banks, money transfer and remittance outlets, courier service outlets, gas stations, power and water utilities, telecommunications and cable television service providers, and funeral parlors are allowed to be open to customers. 

These establishments must utilize a skeletal workforce, implement proper social distancing measures, provide their front line personnel with appropriate personal protective equipment, and make hand sanitizing products available in their premises. All other establishments shall be closed to customers.

Food establishments such as restaurants, eateries, carenderias, and snack bars shall only provide take-out and delivery service to customers. Congregation and consumption of food and drinks by customers within the premises are prohibited.

Resorts, hotels, inns, cottages, home stays, and similar establishments are suspended to offer accommodations and lodging, and the use of facilities to the public. They are encouraged to perform maintenance and repair works and/or upgrade their facilities during the PCQ period.

Contractors of public and private infrastructure projects may continue to work on their projects provided that proper social distancing measures are implemented and have appropriate personal protective equipment.
Public transportation operations, tourist spots and attractions, pools, parks, plazas, gymnasiums, sports and recreational facilities (whether public or private) are also suspended.

Subject to their respective agency or office policies, government offices and facilities are open to serve the public. 

In restrictions on the movement of persons, all residents are required to stay at home. Movement outside the home shall be allowed only for the purpose of accessing basic necessities and services and in case of medical emergencies. Only one person per household shall, at any one time, go out to procure basic necessities and services.

Punong barangays shall issue one Quarantine Pass (QP) to each household in the barangay. A QP shall take the place for the need of identification or certification that may be required in checkpoints.

In line with the movement restrictions, exceptions are made but not limited to employees going to and returning from their place of work and in the performance of their work, farmers, fisher folks, and public market vendors pursuing their livelihood, entrepreneurs in the conduct of their business, drivers and loaders of cargo-carrying vehicles in the course of transporting goods, and government officials and personnel in the performance of their duties.

Regardless of age, a curfew covering all persons from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM will be imposed. QPs do not take effect during this period. All establishments shall be closed during curfew hours.

The provincial, municipal, and barangay governments, and Philippine National Police (PNP) will establish checkpoints and conduct patrols to ensure the implementation of the protocols.

Pursuant to the Executive Order No. 15, the quarantine period may be earlier lifted or extended, as the circumstances warrant. (Marc Ian A. Salem/PIA10)