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CDO sets up strategic quarantine checkpoints

CDO sets up strategic quarantine checkpoints
PLt Col. Lewellyn Datiles shares how police operate in the community quarantine now observed in the city. (VPSB/PIA10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA)–As the city government here continues its fight to contain the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Cagayan de Oro City Police Unit has set five strategic quarantine checkpoints all throughout the city.

In a press conference held at the Office of the City Mayor, PLtCol. Lewellyn Datiles said their office had already put up quarantine checkpoints in all the main entrances to the city, namely, Bugo, Upper Puerto, Boundary of Libona and Indahag, and Mambuaya.

She also said the checkpoint at Baloy would be transferred to Pagatpat. All of these checkpoints are placed to further secure the city against COVID-19 threat.

As the checkpoints are being functional, the police department advises the public to follow all the protocols and rules and regulations that are being implemented for the safety of everybody including their personnel.

All uncooperative motorist may be arrested and/or dealt with accordingly. (JAKA/PIA10)


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