Home News DA 10 creates task force to prevent overspill of ASF in NorMin

DA 10 creates task force to prevent overspill of ASF in NorMin

DA 10 creates task force to prevent overspill of ASF in NorMin
Talakayan sa PIA discusses African Swine Fever (ASF) incident in Davao Occidental and has announced Northern Mindanao is not affected by ASF. (Rodolfo Mendoza/PIA10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY(PIA) — Department of Agriculture (DA) Region 10 created a Task Force on African Swine Fever (ASF) for Northern Mindanao involving various government agencies and local government units to make sure ASF will not overspill in the region.

During Talakayan sa PIA at SM CDO Downtown Premier, DA Assistant Regional Director for Operations Carlota S. Madriaga said Don Marcelino, Davao Occidental was the first municipality in Mindanao that was affected by ASF.

As early as January 30, DA Regional Office 11 has already taken steps and issued an advisory calling all concerned agencies and local government units for planning and making strategies on preventing the widespread of ASF, she said.

Secretary William Dar from DA received on February 2 the confirmation of positive results of ASF in Don Marcelino. They held a meeting and consultation with all private sectors, concerned agencies, hog raisers, local government officials and commands to implement the area of 1710 protocol.

Dr. Jake Sepe of the National Veterinary Quarantine Services (NVQS) regional office 10 during Talakayan sa PIA says they are strengthening the border facing Davao Occidental especially in Bukidnon area and tapped the government agencies and private sectors to also reinforce manpower to guard all the quarantine checkpoints, airports, and seaports.

The 1710 protocol, according to Dr. Julesben Ceasar Maquiling, regional veterinary of DA 10, means within the epicenter of the infected area, the one-kilometer radius is the quarantine zone and the activity in that area is to slaughter or cull the backyard hogs, not only the infected hogs but the susceptible hogs as well.

He added that the seven-kilometer radius is the surveillance zone they will take blood samples of all the farms. And the 10-kilometer radius is the control zone where they will give immediate active reporting on unusual death or mortality of the hogs, he explained.

The DA Secretary also informed all the affected hog raisers that they will be receiving ₱5,000 of indemnification per head of the hog that will be cull and they will provide a sure aid loan assistance worth ₱30,000 with 0% interest to help them build another enterprise and make an income aside from hog raising.

The DA in Davao Occidental declared a lockdown and they encouraged the local government units to be vigilant on their quarantine checkpoints for 24/7.

“As of the moment, 13,000 hogs in Davao Occidental have been culled out of the 100,000 hogs population,” said Madriaga.

”The symptoms of ASF can be detected if your hog is starting to lose its appetite, weaken, high fever, has a hemorrhage in its skin and having cyanosis in its ear, pukes or dumps a lot,” said Dr. Angelita Barcelona, regional director of National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS) region 10.

As food consumption, the hogs that are being grilled should have required documents of veterinary health certificate issued by the veterinarian and veterinary shipping permit issued by the quarantine. NMIS also has an enforcement team to seize those who didn’t undergo meat inspection, said Dr. Barcelona.

The National Veterinary Quarantine Services (NVQS) strengthens the border facing Davao Occidental, especially in the Bukidnon area. Dr. Jake Sepe said they have tapped other government agencies and the private sector to reinforce manpower guard all the quarantine checkpoints, airports, and seaports.

The task force also clarified Northern Mindanao is still ASF free. (Elda G. Contratista/PIA10 Intern)


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