Home News DOH-10 augments workforce against COVID-19 threat

DOH-10 augments workforce against COVID-19 threat

DOH-10 augments workforce against COVID-19 threat
DOH-10 Dr. Adriano Suba-an shares during the RIATF-EID virtual conference its plans to further augment and empower human resource capabilities in Northern Mindanao. (VPSB/PIA10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA)–As response to coronavirus disease (COVID)-19 health crisis, the Department of Health (DOH)–10 strengthens its operational efficiency in Northern Mindanao through augmentation of workforce for health.

The additional 122 health personnel ranging from nurses, doctors, medical technologists, drivers, to utilities serving in relation to COVID-19 response will be deployed at the DOH-10’s retained hospital, Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC), Bukidnon Provincial Medical Center (BPMC), E&R Hospital in Iligan City, and J.R. Borja General Hospital.

“This augmentation is very significant because it’ll help our hospitals implement the ‘7 day work, 7 day rest quarantine work scheme’ we are currently enacting, a personnel on rest quarantine is already a huge blow to the hospitals operational workforce and its capacity to provide quality care,” DOH-10 Health Education and Promotion Officer (HEPO) Aian Rebollido Caridad said.

The “7 day work, 7 day rest quarantine work scheme” aims to minimize high-risk exposed health workers from leaving the hospital premises and unnecessary contact in line with the safety work scheme, the augmentation will also ensure continuity of care for COVID-19 patients and continuous flow of hospital operations.

The contract for the augmented health personnel will last around until later this year and will be extended until needed.“We also have an incoming augmentation for Temporary Treatment Management Facilities (TTMF); those identified in cities and barangays who are dealing with suspected and positive cases. We have 160 facilities in the whole region,” Caridad added. (VPSB/PIA10)


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