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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Dressmaker’s Dress

MARAWI CITY — Our life is likened to a garment woven into a beautiful dress to be worn for the best, but at times, it needs mending if accidentally torn because of unexpected events. This has been Omairah Abdulrahman’s story.

Omairah used to enjoy the comfort of living together with her seven children, even if she got separated from her husband. In fact, she was able to send her children to private schools. Things seemed to be a seamless garment for them until the siege broke out. 

She became financially bankrupted as all her belongings got destroyed by the bombings.

The experience left her traumatized and emotionally affected that she had to seek professional help to guide her in dealing with all the dreadful events. Added to this was the fact that they had to move from Datu Dansalan, Marawi City to Pantar Poblacion, Lanao del Norte. 

The beautiful dress then was blemished with stains and got torn with a few runs and cuts.

But just as a stained dress could be washed and a torn dress could be mended, Omairah still rose hopeful from the experience.

She invested the grant she received into a dressmaking business, a continuation of what she was already practicing prior to experiencing the nightmare of the conflict.

Her daughter helps her manage the venture at the stall they rented. Bed sheets with pillowcases and Muslim dresses like hijab and abaya are some of the garments she produces.

Because of the quality goods she produces and the positive customer service she renders, she has gained popularity not only to her patrons but also to other people in the area. 

As months went by, Omairah eventually got to build their own bamboo house at the back of their rented stalls and started accepting purchase orders in bulk. (DSWD)

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