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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Globe backs Mindanao media for more factual and impactful stories for Filipinos

DAVAO CITY – “Let’s work together in creating more power narratives so that we can keep elevating excellence in delivering factual and impactful stories to any Filipino.” This was the message of Globe Telecom’s Yoly Crisanto, Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications and Chief Sustainability Officer during the opening of the Globe Media Excellence Awards (GMEA) held at the Dusit Thani Hotel here that aims to gather and honor media men and bloggers who have elevated their craft of delivering factual and impactful stories that connect the nation and create relevant conversation.”

“It is through your impressive bodies of work that we create a social renaissance that will help change the consciousness of our people, Crisanto said.”

“The work of groundbreaking journalists such as yourselves is transforming the newsroom and Globe is committed to be with you in this journey. Thus, we encourage of you to take advantage of this new revolution where media has the power to bring out significant issues and influence action to create positive change,” she said. Crisanto said that social media has given more power to our audience sharing their thoughts openly and even influencing opinions. “Everything is now at the thumb of their hands,” she said.

Globe Telecom’s Yoly Crisanto, Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications and Chief Sustainability Officer welcomes media men, bloggers, and social media content providers during the Globe Media Excellence Awards (GMEA) in Davao City.

Crisanto, however, cautioned that social media has also given birth to certain practices that we really need to pay attention to. “I am talking about the prevalence of cyber bullying, identity theft, fake news and even using social media as a weapon for social destruction.” “And one issue which we need to be aware about is the effect of social media on our youth’s mental health.” Crisanto, citing several researches said, 18 to 24 year olds are made to feel more anxious by social media platforms.

Psychologists have also pointed out that while social media has made strides it has also heavily affected mental health such that it affects self esteem, human connection, memory, sleep, and attention span. “These changing times continue to challenge us with the way we relate and bu1ilding relationships with each other. In the same way that it has changed how you as media communicate to your readers and followers.” “This is the time we welcome new ways of doing things of new possibilities. Just as you strive for excellence and innovation we strive to create a global good. You have heard us time again emphasizing our commitment to sustainability.”

“We live by our purpose. In everything we do, we treat people right and create global good. Today we strive to go beyond business and develop services that improve the lives of Filipinos using technology for social good. We also contribute to nation building as we push our country towards digital adoption and achieving one digital nation.” (By Giovanni A. Flaviano. Photos taken using an iPhone 11 series courtesy of Globe Telecom)

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