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Friday, June 25, 2021


(By: Gabrielle Flaviano)

From Kdramas to Kpop, KBeauty to Kfashion, there is no denying that the hallyu wave has dominated in the Philippines. With the pandemic and video streaming sites like Netflix and VIU, catching up on your favorite Kdrama is already a breeze. 

Because of the growing Kfans in the Philippines, the Globe Kmmunity has grown exponentially. This year marks the 2nd  year of Globe Kmmunity and what better way to celebrate but with the K’tizens. 

So to commemorate their anniversary, Globe celebrated their 2 daebak (amazing) years with a Kamsahamnida Fest hosted by Kring Kim. Surprises, giveaways and exciting events were announced. Here’s what went down.


Kmmunity PH introduced three new chingus (friends) who assisted Kring and gamely played with quizmaster Jaz Reyes and even showed off their dance moves with energizing beats by DJ Carlo Antendido. These were Happee, Kimchi and Bokki. Kimchi and Bokki could not resist having a taste of Grace Lee’s Sundubu-jjigae (Tofu Soup). 

Grace Lee teaching Kimchi and Bokki how to cook Sundubu-jjigae

The Globe Kmmunity even got its own version of Baeksang Awards! With the first ever K’tizen Choice awards, loyal Globe Kmmunity members will be able to nominate and vote for their Korean favourites of different categories. We are talking about Kdramas, K-pop, K-films, K-beauty, and K-everything! Further details of how and where to nominate and vote will be posted on the Kmmunity PH in the coming days, so make sure to stay tuned. 

Gamemasters Jaz Reyes (top left) and Kring Kim (top right) playing quizbee with Happee, Kimchi and Bokki (bottom left) with K’tizen Kai (bottom right)


What is an event without giveaways? K’tizens tuned in to the exclusive Zoom Call and Facebook live and got the chance to win amazing prizes such as K-Loots containing TinyTan breathable masks, vouchers from FoodPanda and Viber, as they played quizbee with Happee, Kimchi and Bokki 

But that’s not all, starting May 17 you get the chance to win your very own TinyTan Breathable Masks, Kim SeonHo Photocards, BlackPink shirts and so much more! All you need to do is register to the Kmmunity PH Back-to-Back website once it is available.

Another way to celebrate the two daebak years is by giving back to our modern day heroes, our frontliners. In partnership with Happee Hour’s Ripple Society, starting May 17 you can purchase your very own TinyTan Breathable Mask made available through the 0917 Lifestyle Website . For every purchase of TinyTan Breathable Masks, a donation will be given to medical frontliners and essential workers. 


Our love for the Korean Culture is more than the stunning beauty of the Korean actresses and the handsome and cute Oppas. Pero aminin natin, they are one of the reasons why you started  binging Kdramas. Through upstream.ph, we will be able to watch Korean Films with star-studded casts. 

Calling all Seonhohadas and BLINKS! We will be able to see more of our favorite #Goodboy Kim SeonHo and the revolutionary Kpop Girl Group BlackPink with what Globe has in store for us (even talking about it makes me excited.) Announcements will be posted soon so you better watch out for that. 

Happee, Kimchi, Bokki and host Kring Kim expressing their heartfelt gratitude to all K’tizens

From Kdramas to Kpop and the handsome Oppas, the Globe Kmmunity has turned over 100 thousand K’tizens into a family, sharing the same love for the Korean Culture and with everything that Globe Kmmunity has in store for us, mapapasabi ka talaga ng #Daebak at #KmmunityHwaiting!


Don’t wanna miss the latest updates and exciting events of Globe Kmmunity? Want to be part of the growing community? Stay updated on all events, exclusive perks and promos by simply following the Globe Kmmunity social media, on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Viber. 




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