Home News Mambajao imposes anti-panic buying, hoarding ordinance

Mambajao imposes anti-panic buying, hoarding ordinance

Mambajao imposes anti-panic buying, hoarding ordinance
Long lines of shoppers buying necessities at a grocery store in Manila on March 12, 2020, due to possible lockdown as COVID-19 confirmed cases continues to rise. Photo by Inoue Jaena/Rappler

CAMIGUIN, Mar. 20 (PIA)–In an effort to prevent shortages, the office of the Sangguniang Bayan of Municipality of Mambajao imposes the Municipal Ordinance No. 2020-05 or the anti-panic buying or anti-hoarding ordinance, March 18.

The anti-panic buying or anti-hoarding ordinance prohibits purchasing and selling of any of the regulated basic goods or necessities more than the allowable number during public health emergencies. It applies to all establishments doing lawful business in the municipality and to all consumers purchasing any items regulated. 

The regulated allowable purchase limit (per person per day  and per retailers per day) for the goods and services are as follows;  Canned Sardines– six cans for individual consumers and 24 cans for retailers; Other canned goods– three cans of each kind and 12 cans of each kind; Powdered milk–  one and on-fifth kilogram/ one can or maximum of 12 sachets and 12 cans for each kind or five ties of any kind; 

Milk formula– one box/can and maximum of five boxes or cans; Milk for infant/toddler– one box per child and a maximum of  five boxes per type ; Coffee instant– one bottle/sachet (maximum of 500 grams) and five bottles/sachets (each containing 500 kilograms); Coffee refill– one pack (200 grams and above) or maximum of four packs (below 200 grams) for individual consumers and maximum of ten packs (200 grams and above) or  maximum of 15 packs (below 200 grams) for retailers.

Additionally,  Coffee three-in-one –maximum of 12 sachets for individual consumers and ten ties for retailers; Bread– three packs and ten packs; Instant noodles– six pouches and 48 pouches; Eggs– one dozen and five dozen; Cooking oil– one liter and maximum of five liters; Sugar– one kilogram and maximum of ten kilograms; Rice– maximum of five kilograms and maximum of 25 kilograms; 

Alcohol– one bottle (more than 500 ml), maximum of two bottles (500 ml), maximum of  three bottles (below 500 ml) and 15 bottles (300 ml), ten bottles (500 ml), 5 bottles (more than 500 ml); Hand sanitizers– three bottles (100 ml) and ten bottles (100 ml), Bathroom tissue paper– one pack (maximum of 12 rolls) and a maximum of 48 rolls; Diaper (baby and adult)– one pack (above 40 pieces ) and a maximum of five packs 40 pcs and above; 
Kitchen towels- three rolls or pack and maximum of 10 rolls; Bath soaps– six bars and maximum of 24 bars per kind; Liquid hand soap– two bottles (500 ml) or three bottles (below 500 ml) and ten bottles (500 ml) or ten bottles (below 500 ml); Disinfectant solutions– maximum of one gallon and three gallons of any kind; Face masks– ten pieces and 100 pieces; Multivitamins/ Vitamin C– one box or one bottle (100 pieces) and five boxes/bottles (each containing 500 pcs).

However, the regulation does not apply to purchases made by authorities of local government units as authorized by the municipal mayor or the barangay chair or heads of hospitals provided that the purchase is made for public use and in response to the preparation or prevention of the disease.
A maximum penalty of P2,500 shall be imposed to violators or revocation of business permit, in case of establishment.

As defined, a public health emergency is any health emergency or calamity occurring within the municipality and the local chief executive or the President declared it as a State of Calamity. 

Panic buying occurs when consumers buy unusually large amount of a product in anticipation of, or after, a disaster or in anticipation of a large price increase or shortage. On the other hand, hoarding is the act of collecting large amounts of something and keeping it for one’s self, often in a secret place. (Marc Ian A. Salem/PIA10)


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