The construction of the two-storey traffic command center inside the city's most affected area now underways for the close monitoring of the traffic in the city soon after the 100% accomplishment of all road networks. (NHA-MPMO)

MARAWI CITY (PIA)–The road infrastructure project in the city’s most affected area (MAA) is seen to be on target to attain its completion with the National Housing Authority (NHA) as the major implementing agency. 

Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) Secretary and Task Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM) Chairperson Eduardo Del Rosario bared that such road networks are expected to be completely done by September or October this year. 

He also stated that of all the continuing projects under the Marawi rehabilitation, the road infrastructure repairing the damaged networking passages in MAA is considered the most vital.

“The number one most important is the road networks kasi from the road networks, makikita natin ngayon ang magiging alignment, ano ang magiging itsura ng ating open space, and we are targeting that this would be completed by September or October,” said Del Rosario during his recent visit in the city to check on the status of the rehabilitation.  

[The number one most important is the road networks because from the road networks, we will now see what will be the alignment, what will be the face of our open space, and we are targeting that this would be completed by September or October.]

LED Board which will showcase weekly updates of the Marawi rehabilitation progress is now ready for the public’s view. (NHA-MPMO)

“Matatapos natin talaga iyong road networks on time [We will really finish the road networks on time]. From then on, all projects and other infra will be completed in different months and all ongoing projects will be completed by December of 2021,” he added.

Del Rosario noted that the road infrastructure project is ahead of its target completion timeline by about 3%.

Currently, NHA continues to work on three major road networks inside the MAA, the primary, secondary and tertiary roads. The primary road which has been installed with solar lamps and underground utilities is now 50.51% completed while the secondary and tertiary roads are 54.85% done.

Also part of the said infrastructure project package are the construction of a drainage system, sanitary treatment plant, two-storey traffic command center and transformers, and installation of solar lamps, traffic lights and LED board.

The primary road inside the city’s most affected area is now on its 50.51% completion with the solar lamps installed and other underground utilities secured. (NHA-MPMO)

Meanwhile, Del Rosario shared that along with the road networks, other projects are also nearing their completion with different records of accomplishment rates.

“You will notice na iyong mga projects natin ay nasa different stages of completion. Mayroong 60%, mayroong 70%, mayroong 35%, mayroong 40% [You will notice that our projects are in different stages of completion. There are those in 60%, there are 70%, there are 35%, there are 40%]. So, I would say on the average, it is between 45% to 50% accomplishment for the whole project,” he detailed.

Ongoing projects in line with the Marawi rehabilitation include the construction of permanent shelters in Brgy. Kilala, Brgy. Gadongan, Brgy. Patani and Brgy. Dulay Proper as well as the restoration and repair of mosques, among others. (CRG/ PIA-ICIC)


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