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Meet the champion of the voiceless “ahente ng lupa”

THE lowly and voiceless real estate sales persons or popular as “ahente ng lupa” has finally found its champion.

Thanks to ACRES or Accredited Real Estate Salespersons in the Philippines, Inc., this advocacy group commits to address concerns and issues of the growing “ahente” or salespersons in real estate who has been lacking in support to regulatory requirements like accreditation and licenses.

Real estate salespersons comprise the biggest number of professionals in the real estate service.

ACRES serves as the primary voice of thousands of sales agents across the Philippines. It aims to widen the real estate salesperson’s opportunities in the thriving industry of real estate development.


Anthony Gerard Leuterio, president of “A Better Real Estate Philippines (Abrep) gave a positive outlook in the real estate business in the country, considering the backlog of 6.5 million homes in the Philippines. “The bounce back is coming in the next six months to one year. That is where ACRES will come in and really create more opportunities for people to become sales people.” He too believed that the big chunk of real estate investments would come from the OFWs who bring in at least $32 billion every year.

Conceived in 2020 and formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on February 15, 2021, ACRES is a collective body which envisioned itself to be the voice of the salespersons in the mission of enabling and empowering licensed practitioners to become highly ethical and knowledgeable professionals in their real estate practice.


Anthony Gerard Leuterio, president of “A Better Real Estate Philippines (Abrep) said the formation of Acres came timely as the real estate sector experiences a rebound from the economic stresses brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. He said unifying all the salespersons involved in real estate will further advance the country’s real estate sector and make it one of the strongest economic pillars amid the headwinds. Leuterio stressed that since real estate salespersons are significant contributors in the continued expansion of the sector, they must be well represented.

ACRES is backed by influential organizations like its advisory group ABREP or “A Better Real Estate Philippines.” It also enjoys the support of the country’s established property developers.


ACRES is deemed as the game changer in the real estate salesperson’s profession, raising the bar and leveling the playing field in real estate selling as well as highlighting ethical practice and upholding professionalism.

ACRES’ formation will also aid the country to craft better policies and legislations to further accelerate the growth of the industry. It also aims the much needed change on real estate laws that are now deemed irrelevant and untimely while representing the industry practitioners in pushing for better and all inclusive agenda that capture more opportunities for the sector.


ACRES also serves as a watchdog against sale of anomalous properties, unscrupulous buyers, and persons that misrepresent projects or land holdings of dubious nature.

Over the years the plight of the growing in the Philippines has been downplayed, yet they thrived voiceless and endured difficult regulatory processes and absence of support for easier access to regulatory and licenses.


ACRES chapter presidents from various parts of Mindanao join ACRES’ National President Chris Malazarte and Anthony Gerard Leuterio, president of “A Better Real Estate Philippines (Abrep) in answering queries from the Davao City media during the first and biggest gathering of real estate professionals in Mindanao held at the Apo View Hotel on May 2, 2023.
“Personally, I would like to say that we are up for better times ahead because we are seeing a recovery already. The recovery has already started sometime in 2021. Despite what happened from 2021, the growth of the real estate did not really get into the dumps, we did not have any nose dive. Our outlook for the next two to three years is going to be very rosy,” ACRES’ National President Chris Malazarte said.

ACRES Philippines recently gathered in a summit various real estate service professionals and government regulators to tackle several issues that beset the real estate service practice. The summit hosted by ACRES Davao chapter was also attended by delegates from different ACRES chapters from across Mindanao including real estate organizations from the different regions on May 2, 2023 at the Apo View Hotel, this city. Earlier, ACRES held its first national convention in Cebu City on August 25. (GAFlaviano)