NCCA launches 2021 Competitive Grants Program

National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) holds a virtual press conference with Northern Mindanao media as they open the 2021 Competitive Grants Program. This is to encourage cultural and art groups, academic institutions, local art organizations, civil society organizations involved in culture and arts, and others to submit their project proposals for the NCCA Grants Program for 2021. (NCCA)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA)–The National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA) launches its 2021 Competitive Grants Program with over 468 slots open to 19 sectors and 100 categories.

In a virtual press conference with Northern Mindanao media, Charles Salazar, section head, Cultural Heritage Section said, “Through the Competitive Grants Program, for the longest time, this is how perhaps the mechanism in which NCCA has tried to establish or enable culture and arts sector in developing culture and arts in the region.”

The grants which NCCA offer, is generally non profit, given to non profit individuals, non profit organizations, and non profit undertakings. “So if you intend to generate income from projects, the grants program is not for your organization,” he added.

NCCA grants are also project based, which means applications require a project proposal. They must be well-planned where projects present clear objectives and outputs and they are competitive where selection is based on merit.

“People should not be surprised if their proposal will not be approved because it is part of the process,” Salazar explained.

The grants program is open to 19 sectors, 100 categories and 468 slots. Project types include Capacity Building (such as training on improving knowledge of cultural workers), Production, Publication (dissemination of knowledge), Establishment/Enhancement of cultural institutions and community gardens (now people are into planting); Documentation/development of materials or policy; competitions and festivals and conservation.

Common reasons for disapproval, according to NCCA include: no category, incomplete requirements, late submission, accreditation (must be free from financial obligation), criteria and limited slots.

The commission evaluates the organization who submits the application. “No fly by night NGOs and must be legitimate. Further, proposals must be aligned to the criteria set,” said Salazar.

Meanwhile, Jonalie Lorilla, NCCA grants processing officer, said they are processing the applications to ensure that NCCA programs and projects are carefully, efficiently and effectively implemented and carried out by its various partners and that funds are properly guarded.

Founded in 1987 under Executive Order No. 118 the latter presidential directive was then put into law under Republic Act 7356, the NCCA was created.

It is the overall policy-making body, coordinating, and grants giving agency for the preservation, development and promotion of our country’s culture and arts.

In submission of proposals, Salazar reminds the public to ensure that the proposal should indicate the category the proposal intended for, the proponent should submit all the documentary requirements and on-time submission.

Proponents if previously accredited with NCCA should be cleared from previous financial obligations and documentary requirements on the legal standing of individuals or organizations. The proponents also must ensure that the proposal meets the criteria for selection.

The Competitive Grant Program offers only limited slots for each category that is why it becomes competitive.

The deadline for submission of the proposal is on September 30, 2020. For more info, interested individuals may send an email to or visit the NCCA website at (JAKA/PIA10)    

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