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Palapa appetizer: Your ultimate food partner

Palapa appetizer: Your ultimate food partner

The 56-year old Sittie T. Langco of Brgy. Lumbaca Madaya, Marawi City in Lanao del Sur recalls falling in love with the sweet and spicy Marano condiment made with sakurab (white scallions), ginger, and native chili when she first tasted it.
With a passion for cooking, Sittie further developed her recipes and began establishing a small food business with her colleagues as patrons.

Among these recipes is her palapa which she called Mama’s Palapa, a certified bestseller. Over the years, her small cookery became the main source of her family’s income, yet it was just enough to support her family’s needs. Sittie aspired expanding her business and acquiring more equipment and materials.

Soon after receiving a livelihood settlement grant from the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Sittie bought new materials and utensils for her expanded Palapa production venture. 

Aside from the word of mouth of her clients, her daughter also began promoting Mama’s Palapa through social media. Since then, she received an increased volume of orders.

During the commemoration of the liberation of Marawi City, Sittie was also one of the internally displaced persons who showcased their products in the Kawiyagan (Livelihood), a monthly distribution of livelihood assistance spearheaded by the Subcommittee on Business and Livelihood of Task Force Bangon Marawi and city government of Marawi.  (Mga Kuwento ng PagSibol/DSWD)


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