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Quipper all set to support teachers and students this back-to-school

Leading K-12 LMS aims to help bridge learning gaps and enable modern classrooms for every type of learner when face-to-face classes start

Manila, Philippines – August 19, 2022 – With the start of the new school year this August, teachers, and education leaders are now gearing up to ensure a smooth transition to face-to-face classes.

Schools have previously fully embraced distance-learning strategies to maintain unhindered learning. The Department of Education (DepEd) recently mandated that educational institutions return to conducting five days of in-person instruction starting in November.

Whether the chosen modality is face-to-face or blended, there is a need to ensure high-impact learning recovery programs for learners. A recent report by the World Bank Group noted that school closures in the last two years resulted in long-term impact and learning losses on schoolchildren.

Given these challenges, the same report recommends that educators monitor and assess students’ learning, which is critical in implementing learning recovery programs. This may include just-in-time assessments of each student’s learning levels and intensive tutoring. On the other hand, teachers must receive training in adaptive learning, which prioritizes children’s acquisition of essential skills while adapting instruction and pedagogical techniques to students’ abilities and requirements.

Because learning gaps are anticipated to vary among children, teachers must also be ready for lower and higher levels of learning inequality in their classes. Meanwhile, students can carry on studying through multiple modalities to maximize learning.

Unlocking possibilities, ensuring smooth transition using edtech

Quipper Philippines is a leading global education technology company with a mission to bring the best education to every corner of the world. Quipper aims to provide, improve and distribute quality education through technology and to create a world where every child is given an equal opportunity to learn and gain knowledge. As an all-in-one education platform, Quipper provides an easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) with comprehensive and engaging content aligned to national curriculums – all crucial to o empower every educator to empower every kind of learner.
To date, Quipper has supported 316,239 teachers and reached 5,000,000 students worldwide. Quipper has more than 600 employees around the globe and operates in Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

For Quipper, one of the leading edtech platforms present in the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia, Learning Management Systems (LMS) have proven that they support educators’ adherence to the changing demands of students and educators  in all modalities – whether in-person classes or blended learning.

“The evolving needs of today’s tech-savvy learners have pushed schools to adopt modern classroom setups that support adaptive learning strategies. At Quipper, our goal is to help bridge today’s learning gaps by providing teachers with an easy-to-use platform with comprehensive content aligned to the DepEd curriculum. Quipper lets teachers monitor and evaluate their students’ learning levels. It also provides them with relevant and engaging learning materials for their in-person classes and blended modules,” said Yusuke Takagi, CEO of Quipper Philippines.

Leveraging Quipper edtech for multiple learning modalities

Working closely with schools nationwide, Takagi noted that edtech platforms could help teachers create more fun, meaningful, and engaging learning experiences for their students. The Quipper School platform, for instance, provides features that cater to every educator’s needs, complementing today’s classrooms.

Through Quipper School, teachers can take advantage of the ready-made teaching guides, editable presentation slides, and other resource materials to support their daily lessons. More than 4,000 downloadable study guides can be used as alternatives to textbooks, and more than 1,000 video lessons can cater to all learners.

All these comprehensive materials and content are aligned to the K-12 DepEd curriculum. They are also developed to empower teachers to ensure that they can teach schoolchildren, whether they are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or reading/writing learners.

Meanwhile, teachers can also track their students’ learning performances using the platform, enabling them to become more adaptive in the lesson plans and materials they prepare to help their students.

“Our platform offers features that allow educators to manage multiple classrooms through a personalized dashboard, schedule assignments, and evaluate student performance. Along with a new Essay app for writing assignments, it also offers a content management tool, enabling teachers to create and publish their own materials,” added Takagi.

In addition, the Quipper School platform can also complement blended learning approaches that teachers may adopt for their in-person classes, like the station rotation and flipped classroom models.

Station Rotation is a blended learning strategy in which students alternate between different classroom-based learning modes on a set timetable or at the teacher’s discretion within a specific course or subject. At least one station for online learning is part of the rotation. On the other hand, the other stations concentrate on whole-class or small-group instruction, group projects, one-on-one coaching, and pencil-and-paper assignments.

Meanwhile, the Flipped Classroom approach refers to a rotation-model implementation in which students alternate on a set schedule between face-to-face teacher-guided practice on campus during the regular school day and online delivery of instruction and content of the same subject at home after school. Unlike students who only practice their homework online at night, students in a Flipped Classroom receive most of their subject instruction online.

Updates in Quipper School

As part of its commitment to helping today’s educators, Quipper constantly updates its Quipper School platform. These latest updates include:

  • Live Class. Teachers can now set up synchronous classes from LINK through the Live Class feature. Teachers can connect with students on a Zoom Meeting directly on the Q-Link platform without having to create a Zoom account. Q-Link is a platform that enables educators to assign activities directly to their students and easily track their progress online.

    On the Quipper LEARN (Q-Learn), a feature in the LMS platform where the students study, learners can locate and join these Live Class sessions directly on the platform as an embedded window or switch to the Zoom app, as desired. These integrations with Zoom are the outcome of the recent ISV Partner Program that Quipper entered into with Zoom.
  • Flexible Content Structure. Teachers can now create and publish courses, units, and topics without questions, which previously required at least one question, on the Q-Create, our content management  platform that allows teachers to create their lessons and quizzes and upload study guides. This enhancement is also reflected on Q-Link, where teachers can see indicators on questionless topics before sending them as an assignment.

    On Q-Learn, students can access the topics without questions as assignments; completing the topic by viewing all the lesson pages and finishing the “Complete Topic” response panel will mark them as “Mastered.”
  • Flexible Points System. Lastly, teachers can now assign a point value per question on their content in Q-Create. With this enhancement, the student’s score or grade calculations and how they are displayed on the student’s result page on Q-Learn, downloadable reports, and several Q-Link pages were updated.

Quipper has an array of content, including over 5,982 videos and 69,752 quiz questions. It also caters to 316,239 teachers and over five million students globally.

To learn more about Quipper Philippines, visit https://www.quipper.com/ph/.