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SOX Peacefully Celebrates 2020 Revelry

SOX Peacefully Celebrates 2020 Revelry

Police Regional Office 12- The Philippine National Police breaks record for New Year Revelry’s most uneventful deaths and injuries from stray bullets and illegal discharge of firearms. For Police Regional Office 12 (PRO12), the Yuletide Season has been generally peaceful and the people welcomed the first day of the new decade joyfully without experiencing any major crime or terrorist incidents.

           PBGEN ALFRED SOTTO CORPUS, Regional Director, Police Regional Office 12 (PRO12) said that there were only Six individuals reported to have incurred merely minor injuries from firecrackers while another Six were caught for Possession/Use/Sale of Illegal Firecrackers or Pyrotechnics. All the confiscated Illegal firecrackers sum up to Php 28,433. 

There were no victims of stray bullets as well as there was none reported to have illegally discharged their firearms.

In coordination with other government agencies and civilian volunteers as well as with the cooperation and trust of the public, PRO 12 was able to implement sound policing functions.

           SOCCSKSARGEN has observed a peaceful celebration of the New Year’s Eve as PRO 12 deployed 1,425 uniformed personnel to beef up the security measures to ensure that the PASKUHAN 2019 will take place peacefully with the people feeling safe and secured.

           With this, RD CORPUS extends his gratitude to the people of SOX for cooperating and adhering to the government’s implementing policies regarding selling, transporting and using illegal firecrackers and pyrotechnics. He also lauded the entire force of PRO 12 including the AFP and other Public Service Entities who spent their holidays away from their families to fulfill their call of duty to serve and protect and that none have gone beyond as to commit illegal firing of service firearms.

           “I thank all the LGUs, NGOs and the people of SOCCSKSARGEN as well for a job well done in doing their fair share in the preservation of peace and order during the observance of the generally peaceful PASKUHAN 2019. Let us welcome the year 2020 keeping our good synergy intact as we battle crimes and terrorism here in the region.” RD CORPUS said. (Pat J. III Dullano)


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