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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Two (2) top most wanted and Fourteen (14) others nabbed in execution of Manhunt Charlie of PRO 12

               Police Regional Office 12 – Two (2) days before the celebration of all souls and all saints day, PRO 12 operatives arrested Two (2) top most wanted and fourteen (14) others in execution of Manhunt Charlie and service of Warrant of Arrest.

           Continues Monitoring of wanted personalities leads to the numerous arrest of wanted personalities in Region 12, the following are arrested wanted personalities.

 Two (2) Most wanted Personalities

           John Rey Quilapio Dullete, 25 years, a resident of Prk. Sipiling, Brgy. Tablao, Kiamba, Sarangani Province. Arrested by operatives of Kiamba MPS At about 11:00AM of October 30, 2019 at Prk. Sipiling, Brgy. Poblacion, Kifamba, Sarangani Province Dullete tagged as Top 3 Most Wanted Person in Municipal level of Kiamba, Sarangani Province. Suspect is now under the custody of Kiamba MPS awaiting for the issuance of commitment order.

           Also tagged as Top 3 Most Wanted Person GERALD ADAM TANO aka YONG 18 years old, single, resident of Brgy. Fatima, Uhaw, GSC. That at about 04:00 pm on October 30, 2019, Operatives from Quirino MPS conducted Manhunt Operation which resulted to the arrest of the latter for the crime of “Rape”. Suspect was brought to Quirino MPS for proper disposition and documentation.

Arrested By Operatives From South Cotabatoto Provincial Police Office

Aben Mondejar Alagos A.K.A Allen 58 yrs old, Arrested For Malversation Of Public Property by elements from lake Sebu MPS

Panes Ela Dawang 34 yrs old arrested For GRAVE THREATS by elements from Lake Sebu MPS

Jerry Kamandan Blusan 45 yrs old, Arrest for Violation Of Sec. 5(I) Of RA 9262 by elements from T’boli MPS.

Javy Wanan was arrested for Illegal Mining Operations by elements from T’boli MPS.

Leopoldo Chavez Pacheca Jr A.K.A Macau Pacheca 37 yrs old, Arrested for the Crime Of Frustrated Murder elements from Banga MPS.

Romeo Hallado y Hangco 55 yrs old Arrested for frustrated homicide by elements from Tupi MPS.

Allan Pagayon y Blasorca 46 yrs old, Arrested for serious Physical Injury by elements from Tantangan MPS.

Romeo Baldesimo Pacheca alias “Payo” was Arrested for the Crime of frustrated murder by elements from Banga MPS.

Vergieta Crebillo Pabraquil was Arrested for Violation of PD 1602 by elements from Tampakan MPS.

Cesar Cabangan y Parasan 26 yrs old, Arrested for Violation of 10591 by elements from Tupi MPS.

Arrested By Operatives From Saranggani Provincial Police Office

Danilo Diamora Barcelosa, Jr. A.K.A Jun-Jun 25 yrs old, Arrested for the crime of Rape by elements from Malungon MPS.

Ato Gogolintang y’ Kambing 46 yrs old, Arrested for violation of RA 9165 by elements from Alabel MPS.

Arrested By Operatives From Sultan Kudarat Provincial Police Office

Al Esmeralda y Malvar alias “Tagalog 33 yrs old, Arrested for malicious mischief by elements from Isulan MPS.

Renato Lama Jr. y Ahunin 44 yrs old, Arrested for grave threat by elements from Isulan MPS.

 “It is our distinctive duty to protect the community, one way of ensuring their safety is to track down and apprehend this lawless elements in the society so the people can live in a healthy environment, an atmosphere without a threat for their security, I assure you that on my watch, we will continue to monitor this wanted personalities and put them behind the bars of correctional institution”. PBGEN ALFRED S CORPUS Said.