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Where there are wheels, there are ways

Where there are wheels, there are ways

Omar Ditingki shares that seeing his family in good health and enjoying basic perks of life is such a delight, a source of his happiness.

When he received the livelihood assistance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Omar treated his family out.

He recalled how teary-eyed he was while looking at his children enjoying the food they ordered.

His wife held his hand and smiled back at him. It was such a joy to behold for a father.

From the grant Omar received, he bought a brand new motorcycle and a side-car. The remaining amount was used to buy construction materials to put up a sari-sari store just near Area 2 of Sagonsongan Transitory Shelter Site in Marawi City.

Since the day his pasada became operational, Omar would earn P500 day with  P200 allotment for maintenance and fuel for the motorcycle.

The sari-sari store managed by his wife would earn P800 per day, with a monthly cycle of P5,000 for the assorted goods they sell.

“In times of hardship, remember the things that make you happy,” Omar said wearing the smile of grateful heart. (DSWD)


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